Wie wordt Wrapper

For choosing a new presenter of the kid's channel Ketnet, a whole dedicated show was created, spanning several weeks. The grand finale was an hour long show where the three finalists were presented with different puzzles and challenges. In the end, the winner was chosen via a live poll.

During this whole broadcast, the heart rate of all the participants was shown live. To accomplish this I took a Polar H10 heart rate sensor and connected it to a smartphone running a custom Android app written in Java. This app would output the heart rate in real time to an MQTT server. Touch Designer was used to read this data from the MQTT server and create an animated graphic from it, which could be added to the broadcast.

Since the finalists would travel a long distance, ranging from outdoors to indoors, I opted to use the 4G LTE network to ensure a stable connection.

For backup an application was writting mocking the heart rate of the participants, in case a connection was lost. It took the last known value and randomly changed the value a little until the real heart rate was available again.

Sebastiaan Jansen